The ParaGeezers Forum is a gathering place with a focus on skydivers who began participating in the sport of parachuting in the years before the late 1970s. It was created as an alternative to so called “Old School” social media sites. Anyone who is or was a skydiver, has an interest in skydiving or is just curious about the sport is welcome to join in.

The Parageezers Forum was also created as a virtual drop zone where older jumpers can be jumpers in terms of their behavior and sense of humor without the judgment or penalties imposed by a computer algorithm or faceless morality geeks. (But we do have our limits, so please read The Rules.)

The creator of this site, Mike Marcon, reserves the right to reject the membership of anyone who violates the site’s purpose or chooses not to follow the rules.

The Rules

  • Play Nice. Be civil. Be respectful.
  • No political discussions, no religious discussions, no racist remarks, no sexual lifestyle criticisms. We are skydivers and pilots here who love playing in the sky and everything else outside of that stays off the drop zone. ANY violations of this part of the policies will be immediately lethal to your membership.
  • No advertising. If you have something to sell, please contact Mike Marcon by email at mike@mikemarcon.rocks and get permission first.
  • Post No Porn! Of any kind. Meaning no overt sexual content. But your nude skydiving photos are encouraged.
  • Stay on topic. No derailing threads. Flame wars, gas lighting and trolls will be vaporized and turned into small piles of carbon dust.
  • If you have something to trade or swap, do it amongst yourselves by email. You may do give-a-ways on the Trade or Swap Forum
  • Do not post links to any social media such as Facebook, Twitter or the like.
  • Don’t make me post more rules. Let’s keep this simple and fun.

Special Note!

The forum is a learning exercise for me and has stretched the limits of my technical abilities, but I am making progress. And making mistakes. Your suggestions and ideas will be a valuable resource. Please do not hesitate to email me at the above address with your thoughts. This forum will evolve in content and design and it will take some time to mature, so please be patient with me. Thank you!

2/22/2021 – Forum Status: The forum is accepting registrations and operating normally. Return frequently as new categories and topics are being added daily.